HelpBOX CITY scenery

There's something happening in the HelpBOX City every day.

A new and modern part of the City is being built frantically. Diggers and cranes move the land and building material. Trugs and tractors speed on different parts of the City. Also a new bridge is being finished near to a harbour.

At night, when the lights are shining, there's a burglary of a gold store being planned. The police can't even anticipate what's going on the other side of the building site. The City's life and traffic run well with the help of traffic signs but slippery oil stains cause trouble for the fire and rescue department. Also the parks and the beaches require constant care.

In the future the HelpBOX City series will expand with an airport, harbour, fire station, police station, a big building site and notorious part of the City, ruled by criminals.

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