Assembly instructions

Move the green rubber band to one side of the box.
Detach the battery case and take the end pockets, cleaning tool and elastic bands out from between the side walls.
Fold the side walls (A), corner flaps (B), end wall (C) and lid pack (D) out to the sides and turn the box over.
Remove the white protective paper from the tape on the corner flap on the end wall. Lift the side walls and place the flaps between the walls. Line up the holes and press the tape on the flaps onto the side wall.
Push the blue elastic band through the holes in the side wall.
Take the end pockets and fold their edges 90 degrees inwards. Lift the side wall (B) and put the end pockets (A) in place. Thread one end of the blue elastic band through the holes inthe side walls. Push the side walls into place.
Lift the corner flaps, push them in between the side walls and thread the red elastic band through the holes in the side wall and the cut of the curve on the corner flaps.
Lift the lid pack into place and pull the red elastic band straight to the other side. Thread one end of the red elastic band through the holes in the other side wall and through the cut of the curve on the corner flap on that side.
Push the hand flap through the side wall to form a handle for carrying the box.
Attach the battery case and push the LED connector into place.
Keep the cleaning tool in the inner pocket and use the outer pocket to store instructions, for example.
Move the blue elastic band off the top of the box. Open the lid completely.
Unfold the lid pack from the top of the pack so that it is completely open. The green elastic band will move out of the way by itself.
Fold out the wings. The flat surface works as a play surface. Any toys which end up away from the surface can easily be swept back onto it using the cleaning tool. You can close the box by following the above instructions in reverse. The elastic bands automatically move back into place.
If there isn't much floor space, you can fold half of the flat surface underneath itself for a smaller play surface. If using on a table or on your lap, you can fold the entire lid pack under the box.
If you find individual toys or items on the floor, they are easy to put back in the HelpBOX by pushing them through the flexible gap between the lid and the sides. This is also possible when boxes are stacked.
Locking the lid. Open out the cleaning tool and pull the blue and red elastic bands though the tool.
You can tie / lock the box by putting masking tape or a padlock, for example, through the gap in the cleaning tool as shown.


Attach Lego base plates along the folds of the box and build from one plate to another. You can also build on the walls..
You can store work in progress on top of the lid. The base plate will stay in place if you place the blue elastic band over the first row of studs.
The elastic bands which lock the corners together are extremely durable. You can carry, pull or even hang the HelpBOX by the red elastic band.
Attaching decorative stickers: Remove 1cm of protective paper from the upper edge. Line the sticker up with the corners. Remove the rest of the protective paper applying even pressure. Use the cleaning tool to help.