What is HelpBOX?

HelpBOX is a new Finnish invention that provides a simple solution to a family's toy chaos.

Thanks to the patented structure of HelpBOX, cleaning up toys takes only three quick moves. What took 10 minutes before can now be done in 10 seconds!

The secret is in the lid that unfolds to a large level surface in front of HelpBOX. Simple and effective.

HelpBOX is more than a box. Scenery surfaces and decal stickers make it a part of the play. Scenery surfaces are high-resolution printed stickers with a durable laminate. Decals are transfer stickers that can be easily removed and re-attached.


The city has roads, a police station, a jewelry store, a construction site and an unfinished bridge. The included transfer decals finalize the cityscape with traffic signs and gas pumps.

HelpBOX Space

HBX.BASE is a asteroid-based mining station that produces energy crystals that are transported back to Earth. Tentacle monsters on the surface cause trouble for little survey robots, HelpRoBOXes with their electric shocks.

HelpBOX Princess

There is a birthday celebration held at the dance pavilion. Horses have plenty of hay and fresh water in the paddock and people are having a picnic under the oak at the garden.

HelpBOX includes 4 bright LED lights and a detachable battery case with batteries included. The lights bring mood to the play and help in dim conditions like in a cottage, boat, caravan or car. A set of batteries last up to 1300 hours with the lights on.

HelpBOX has 2 pockets for various uses, like holding the includeded cleaning spatula or build instructions for construction toys. The spatula can be used to attach the scenery surfaces, sweep toys back on HelpBOX and even to "lock" HelpBOX.

HelpBOX has been designed to be compatible with big Lego platforms. You can attach a platform on HelpBOX by simply locking the corners to existing angled cuts on HelpBOX surfaces. Now the platforms and build instructions can all be in one place along with the blocks.

Market study shows that 93% of the respondents (126 in total) recommend HelpBOX. In the age group of 7 to 15 78% of the respondents found that HelpBOX facilitates the family's everyday lives. HelpBOX has proven to be a new, different and functional.


42 cm wide, 40cm long and 19 cm high.
30 litres
Weight when empty:
  • Recyclable, non-toxic, antistatic, soft polypropeine plastic.
  • The inside is shiny and the outside is matte.
  • Available in white and translucent
The package includes:
  • The box
  • 4 bright LED lights
  • Batteries
  • 3 lasting folders of rubber bands
  • A versatile spatula for cleaning
  • A big sticker of traffic circle and 2 extra stickers.
  • A set of decal stickers
  • Transparent spare part of 8 pieces
  • 2 removable end pockets
  • Assembly instructions and a cover letter