3 second challenge and amazed expressions at the Child Fair

The launch of HelpBOX at Child Fair 2011 was a success.

Curious children and parents were plenty at the stand and many of them took the 3 second challenge, in which I challenged the youngest child to count to three after his or her mother said the magic word sleeping time, dad being the timekeeper, while I was to clean up a clutter of toys on the table with HelpBOX. Most of the time HelpBOX did it in 3 seconds. At one occasion the prize, a HelpBOX toy bag, found a new young owner through some interpretation on the timekeeper's part :)

A big thank you for everyone who visited the stand and for new owners of HelpBOX. Even some old customers came to say hi and give feedback for the proto series. There were no problems and some even bought more scenery stickers for their boxes.

The new and pretty scenery stickers are also available at the webshop and Etola stores at Tapiola, Forum, Hakaniemi and Lappeenranta.

The HelpBOX stand at Child fair 2011